Manufacturing companies and engineers have long understood the importance of quality control to deliver products that meet or exceed customer expectations. Quality control in manufacturing refers to the procedures and practices that ensure products are manufactured to the highest expectations of quality, reliability, and safety. More specifically, it ensures that every stage of the manufacturing process – from raw material sourcing to finished product testing – is carefully monitored and managed to meet critical requirements.

For MME, quality control is a top priority. MME is fully committed to upholding the highest quality standards during the manufacturing process and understands that quality is paramount to achieving long-term customer satisfaction and success. As such, MME adheres to strict quality control protocols, including the use of state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained and skilled technicians. This dedication to manufacturing quality control has earned the company a reputation for producing high-quality products that exceed customer expectations while also maintaining efficient and cost-effective production processes.

The Essence of Quality Control in Manufacturing

Quality control in manufacturing is crucial as it ensures that products and services conform to industry standards, regulations, and compliance requirements. It promotes consistency and reliability in the manufacturing process, which is essential for the success of the products and services being offered. Moreover, it allows manufacturers to identify any errors or defects early in the process and correct them before they become bigger problems. In addition, maintaining a high level of quality leads to increased customer satisfaction.

Overall, there is a direct correlation between quality and customer satisfaction: the higher the quality, the higher the level of satisfaction. Customers expect to receive tailored products and services that meet or exceed their expectations. Implementing quality control measures in manufacturing processes assures customers that they are getting products and services that are reliable, durable, and safe. This ultimately helps build trust and loyalty, which are vital for building a consistent customer base.

  • Neglecting Quality in Manufacturing Processes – Neglecting quality in manufacturing processes can lead to devastating consequences for companies. Without quality control, companies run the risk of producing sub-standard products. This can lead to dissatisfied customers who may take their business elsewhere, costly product recalls, legal actions, and long-term reputational damage.

MME’s Approach to Quality Assurance

Modern Manufacturing & Engineering, Inc. (MME) is a company that prides itself on its dedication to quality. MME’s approach to quality assurance is grounded in its owner’s forty years of experience in the industry and his ethos that quality, consistency, and value make the difference between a satisfactory product and a truly outstanding one. This is why the team undergoes prestigious methods to ensure quality assurance and control procedures to guarantee consistent results.

  • Quality Control Procedures and Protocols
    MME has a set of standard operating procedures that ensure all processes are controlled to eliminate quality risk. They adhere to the ISO9001 and AS9100 quality certification standards (since 2008), have a dedicated Quality and Engineering team, and invest in training their employees to understand their customers’ requirements and the products they are making. MME processes are controlled and documented, all parts undergo a first-article inspection, and in-process inspections are conducted throughout the manufacturing lifecycle. Statistical Process Control (SPC) is also used to control tight tolerance dimensions during production.
  • Technologies Used in Quality Control
    MME uses the latest measuring equipment, such as Keyence and Mitutoyo vision systems and multiple Hexagon CMM machines with scanning capability. They also use the latest first article software (Discus) and Quality Management software (Unipoint), which integrates seamlessly with their ERP system. Furthermore, MME uses CADCAM software and customer-provided models for both machining programming and inspection programming, eliminating programming errors and creating efficiencies that lower the total cost to the customer.
  • Consistency in Quality Across Different Manufacturing Projects
    To maintain consistency in quality across different manufacturing projects, MME regularly reviews work instructions and SOPs for improvements to reflect changes in customer and industry requirements and current company procedures. In addition, MME management conducts internal audits to ensure employees are following procedural guidelines and provides training to employees on the importance of product safety and quality. “Quality Starts with Me” is their quality motto, which is deeply ingrained in employees’ minds through regular meetings, training, and yearly reviews of work instructions and SOPs.Compliance with industry standards and regulations contributes to building trust with clients and partners. MME understands the importance of maintaining a good reputation and consistently delivering reliable products to its clients, and it accomplishes this by implementing robust quality control management systems, regular internal audits, and training programs for all employees.

Certifications and Compliance

Through a combination of hands-on experience and dedication to adhering to industry standards, MME has gained a reputation for consistently delivering high-quality products to clients. Quality is built into every single step of the manufacturing process, from the equipment used to the relationships built with customers. One of the ways that MME demonstrates its dedication to quality control is through its certifications and compliance with industry regulations.

MME has been ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified since 2008, which guarantees the company adheres to strict quality management systems. This certification covers all areas of manufacturing and ensures a consistent approach to quality control in manufacturing. Additionally, MME has been Nadcap certified for chemical processing since 2015, a vital accreditation in the aerospace industry. To maintain these certifications and accreditations, MME conducts yearly audits of their entire quality management system. This includes a Quality Manual, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Work Instructions (WIs), and a Quality Management System (QMS) Panel. MME continuously trains employees to understand customers’ requirements and products to produce quality products.

MME’s use of statistical process control (SPC) is another essential part of their quality control system. It allows for the monitoring of close tolerance features during machining and controlling tight tolerance dimensions during production. The use of automated inspection equipment, such as Keyence and Mitutoyo vision systems and multiple Hexagon CMM with scanning capabilities, ensures precision and efficiency in quality control. All in all, quality control in manufacturing may ensure consistent quality, but it also contributes to building trust with clients and securing mutually beneficial partnerships. Quality equals confidence, and confidence equals trust.

Continuous Improvement and Learning

As a leader in manufacturing quality control, MME understands the value of continuous improvement and learning. In today’s fast-paced world, businesses must be innovative, adaptive, and proactive in addressing their customers’ changing needs and preferences, as well as the latest quality assurance trends and standards.

  • Incorporating Feedback – One of the primary ways that MME ensures continuous quality improvement is by incorporating feedback from customers and employees. MME actively seeks customer feedback on the products they have received, including any issues they may have encountered. The team also continuously monitors and evaluates its internal processes to identify improvement areas. With feedback in mind, regular meetings and yearly training sessions are held to review work instructions and standard operating procedures (SOPs) for improvements.
  • Training and Development – Training and development of employees also play a crucial role in maintaining quality standards. MME invests in training its employees and ensures that they understand the customers’ requirements and the products they are making. Regular audits of the quality management system are conducted, and employees are regularly evaluated to ensure they follow procedures.
  • Staying Ahead of The Latest Trends – To stay on top of the latest trends in quality control in manufacturing, MME participates in local and national trade shows to review new technologies and equipment. The company also invests in the newest vetted innovations, including automated inspection tools, measuring equipment, and quality management software to improve quality and efficiency.


In the world of manufacturing, quality control is of the utmost importance. Modern Manufacturing & Engineering, Inc. (MME) understands this and has made it their mission to provide their clients with the highest level of quality control in manufacturing as possible. From dedicated Quality and Engineering teams to regular audits, MME goes above and beyond to ensure their manufacturing quality control processes are standardized to deliver exceptional products.

With ISO 9001, AS9100, and Nadcap certifications, MME is fully equipped to deliver manufacturing quality control at the highest standards. Request your custom quote today.