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Modern Manufacturing & Engineering, Inc.’s cutting-edge CNC technologies and deep well of industry expertise allow us to efficiently deliver high-precision, high-quality, cost-effective solutions to both simple and complex manufacturing needs.

100% VALUE, 100% OF THE TIME

The experienced CNC manufacturing team at MME takes value-add manufacturing to the next level. Our team works diligently to apply lean manufacturing principles and continuous improvement techniques to each and every project, resulting in cost reductions and time efficiencies that put us heads above the competition.


As our partners’ full-service provider, our capabilities go well beyond precision CNC manufacturing. From value-add engineering that expertly balances cost, quality, and time to highly-detailed secondary processes like painting and assembly, you can trust the MME team to handle your project with care from start to finish.


Learn how the MME team can apply decades of manufacturing experience and knowledge to engineer your project for optimal performance, quality and cost-reduction.

Secondary Processes

Our full suite of in-house secondary processes allows us to achieve superior control over your project’s final quality and value.