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As experts in value-add manufacturing, engineering, and assembly, the Modern Manufacturing & Engineering, Inc. team is committed to working with you to reduce the total cost of your product. By applying our lean manufacturing principles throughout the engineering process, we can help you develop design improvements in the prototype phase, create quick-turn conceptual products and pre-production test products, and deliver a final production run of exceptional quality and value.


At MME, we let the quality and value of our work speak for itself. From our countless satisfied partners to our history of recognized excellence in the industry, it’s plain to see why we’re Minnesota’s first choice for full-service precision CNC manufacturing, engineering, and assembly.

Additional Services

The MME team can take your design models in virtually any digital format and turn it into a well-realized, high-quality finished product. Trust our experts in CNC manufacturing and assembly to build your project with care and a keen eye for cost-saving opportunities.


Our robust CNC machining capabilities and lean manufacturing principles allow us to deliver remarkable quality and speed across projects of all volumes and complexities.

Secondary Processes

Let our team take your project over the finish line with our full suite of in-house secondary processes, including assembly, painting, finishing and more.