In today’s fast-paced manufacturing industry, companies are under increasing pressure to streamline their manufacturing process and minimize costs without sacrificing product quality. More importantly, they need a partner they can trust to produce the highest-quality components and assemblies. This is the very foundation that Modern Manufacturing & Engineering, Inc. (MME) has been forefronting the last 60+ years in the heart of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, building a reputation of excellence across the aerospace, defense, and commercial sectors and ultimately pushing the world of modern manufacturing and engineering forward.

Best known for their premier manufacturing processes spanning CNC Machining, CNC Turning, and Assembly Services, MME’s state-of-the-art technologies hold a verifiable track record of efficiently delivering complex products and assemblies to diverse profiles. Using their lean manufacturing principles throughout the engineering process, MME’s history stems from lowering costs, identifying efficiencies, and developing design improvements in the prototype phase without sacrificing product quality. Overall, MME operates on the pillars of excellence and with the missioned guarantee for precision, accuracy, and unprecedented quality every time – making them a leading resource for any engineer who values commitment and high-quality machine solutions.


MME is committed to modern manufacturing and engineering and delivering world-class precision manufacturing services to customers across industries and scopes. Naturally, this is reflected in their core competencies and expertise in precision manufacturing, CNC machining and turning, and dynamic secondary services. 

  • Precision Manufacturing
    MME is known for its outstanding performance in precision manufacturing, ensuring all parts are made to the exact requirements and that customer satisfaction is achieved. They use the latest state-of-the-art CNC machining technology, which is capable of horizontal and vertical milling, turning, and multi-dimensional machining operations.
  • CNC Machining and Turning
    MME’s expert CNC machining processes and services allow customers to get high-quality machined parts. The company’s CNC turning services are also top-notch, where its machines can execute even complex turning operations to meet the ever-evolving demands of their customers. In addition, MME utilizes only Mazak equipment and machines. Mazak machines are renowned for their exceptional precision, reliability, and durability, making them the preferred choice of industrial manufacturers worldwide. By exclusively using Mazak equipment, MME can ensure consistent quality, reduced downtime, and increased productivity, as well as optimize the latest advancements in CNC technology for optimal performance and cost-effectiveness.
  • Swiss machining
    Swiss machining, also referred to as Swiss turning, is a specialized form of machining that is ideal for producing complex parts with high accuracy and consistency. MME’s state-of-the-art equipment and highly-skilled team of technicians enable them to utilize this technique to achieve superior results, meeting the most demanding standards of their customers.
  • Secondary Services
    To optimize the manufacturing process for every customer, MME also offers a full suite of secondary services to support their CNC machining and turning capabilities. These services include:
    • Fixtures and Work holding: MME can customize fixtures and work holding to improve manufacturability and reduce costs.
    • Assembly Operations: Their experts can provide assembly operations to streamline production and reduce costs.
    • Full-Service In-House Painting & Finishing: MME offers full-service in-house painting capabilities, including masking and special processes like dry film lubrication. Furthermore, provides military-grade internal part finishing capabilities, such as chem film on aluminum and passivation on stainless, among others.
    • 360-Degree Assembly: MME is fully certified and capable of hardware and complete assembly support as needed. This is coupled with assuring every stage of the manufacturing process is done efficiently and in adherence to technical flow-down requirements.
  • Automated & Efficient Processes
    Over the last 4+ decades, MME has invested extensively in its software and data analytics to streamline manufacturing processes. As a result, they can seamlessly import forecasts, demands, and orders into their system. Overall, the MME team uses automation to speed up scheduling and decision-making, as well as to target areas for continuous improvement. Moreover, they provide automated reports to their customers through these systems, giving their clients real-time updates on the status of their projects and forecasts to suppliers to help them plan and offer lower lead times.


At the heart of MME is the commitment to quality and a devotion to continuous improvement. The entire team’s devotion to quality assurance and compliance is the cornerstone of the company’s success, high standards of excellence, and, more importantly, the success of their customers. This reputation is more than just accolades, but is heavily backed by rigorous quality control measures and certifications that have earned the company the trust of various high-risk industries. MME’s top quality assurance processes and certifications include:

  • ISO 9001 and AS9100 Certification:
    MME has been ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified since 2008. These certifications ensure that MME’s quality management system adheres to international standards for quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Nadcap Certification:
    MME Inc. proudly holds a Nadcap certification, demonstrating their commitment to providing aerospace industry clients with the highest level of quality and safety in their manufacturing services. This esteemed certification indicates that MME has met rigorous industry standards in Chemical Processing, including paint, dry-film lubrication, chemfilm and passivation.
  • ITAR Registration:
    ITAR Registration is a legal requirement set by the US Department of State for companies involved in the manufacturing and export of defense articles and services. MME is ITAR registered, ensuring compliance with all regulations and licensing requirements for any defense-related products or services offered to its customers.
  • Automated Inspections:
    MME leverages the latest technologies and equipment to conduct automated inspections that verify all dimensions throughout the manufacturing process. This ensures consistency and accuracy in all MME products.
  • PC-DMIS Software & CAD Modeling:
    MME’s use of PC-DMIS software and CAD modeling is instrumental in verifying dimensions during the manufacturing process. This industry-standard software allows for data-driven decision-making, reducing the likelihood of errors and improving efficiency.
  • Robust Calibration System:
    MME’s calibration system complies with industry standards, ensuring all equipment used is consistently calibrated and accurate. This reduces measurement errors and ensures all products meet top-tier quality standards.
  • Production Part Approval Process (PPAP):
    MME’s quality planning process includes reviewing and planning for all quality risks and incorporates PPAP, a standardized process that ensures engineering design and product specification requirements are met.

That said, MME’s commitment to quality assurance and compliance extends beyond these professional certifications. The company’s comprehensive quality assurance processes reflect its philosophy of continuous improvement, which encourages identifying and implementing improvement opportunities in all processes, no matter how big or small.

MME building


MME has built a reputation as a premier partner for engineers seeking to streamline their manufacturing processes and improve their bottom line. Overall, MME’s manufacturing processes are renowned for their efficiency, precision, and reliability, which ultimately translate into tangible benefits for their customers.

  • Expertise and Invested Experience
    One of the biggest advantages of partnering with Modern Manufacturing & Engineering, Inc. (MME) is their extensive expertise and experience in manufacturing processes. With a focus on automation and the latest technology, MME has consistently invested in new and advanced machines to enhance their capabilities. Whether it’s their Stencil Cutter Machine or their new Turning Center – the Mazak HQR-250, MME’s commitment to remaining up-to-date on the latest industry trends makes them a leading manufacturer in the market.
  • Exceptional Quality
    MME is home to an unparalleled quality control team and system. For instance, their patented and proprietary vise jaw systems enable MME to ensure high precision and quality in their manufacturing processes. In addition, their Mazak milling and turning centers allow for standardized tooling, making training easier and improving overall quality, while their automated inspection equipment – including three Coordinated Measurement Machines (CMM) and 2 Vision machines – provide thorough and accurate checks for consistency and quality control. With MME, quality will never be a concern.
  • Unmatched Finishing Solutions
    One of MME’s stand-out capabilities is their finishing solutions. They use a stencil cutter machine to reduce manual masking tape cutting and have maximized deburr units in machining to reduce manual deburr. This focus on continuous improvement significantly reduces turnaround time and automates the often time-consuming and labor-intensive finishing process.
  • Flexibility and Availability
    Another major benefit of working with MME is their flexibility and availability. Should any machine experience downtime, production control can easily switch the part number to another machine with very little downtime for the customer. This ensures that deadlines are met, and production continues to flow smoothly. Additionally, MME has a variety of common Mazak machines that employees can move freely between, making training and tooling easier and more standardized.
  • Concierge Customer Service, Always
    At MME, quality customer service is a top priority. With regular attendance at IMTS and a team of professionals from different parts of their manufacturing process, MME continuously stays up to date on the latest manufacturing trends. MME is dedicated to ensuring their customers have the best possible experience when working with them. Whether answering questions, providing updates, or fulfilling orders, MME’s customer service revolves around ensuring customers receive the experience and results they deserve.


In summary, the MME team prides themselves on providing flexible and customized solutions to meet each client’s unique manufacturing needs while maintaining the highest degree of safety and quality control possible. From their extensive manufacturing processes, including precision machining, process automation and quality control measures, MME has become nationally respected for their unique propositions, capabilities, and experience that have supported industries spanning aerospace, medical, and defense. Overall, MME has become a staple in modern manufacturing and engineering, giving their customers the benefit of the latest technology access and quality assurance and the confidence that their products will be nothing shy of dependable.

For an efficient and cost-effective manufacturing process, contact Modern Manufacturing & Engineering, Inc. (MME) today and get a personalized quote tailored to your specific manufacturing processes and requirements.